The upcoming blog

Hey there,

I've been a bit back and forth with both the business and the blog since may, due to other work and life related things.. My latest focus had to be on the shop but after the launch tomorrow and everything has calmed down a bit I will pick up on the blog.

My biggest joy in life is to travel, and with that the interest for photography and art came. It's an extra eye-opening when traveling and I love that feeling. You pick up so much inspiration. I always come up with at least 3 new business ideas when traveling (and then you come home to the reality, still loving the ideas, but can't seem to have enough time to pursue Another new thing). BUT still loving all the inspiration! Sometimes the ideas is just saved for later. I actually wanted to open up an art shop several years ago, and here I am today, haha :)

Anyway, I often feel when researching for my next trip that it's hard to find sweet tips that I would enjoy myself. I know though that I can be a bit particular when it comes to, well many things, haha, but therefor I will share my own honest opinion but also try to share things how many others might see them. Ok this probably sounds like I'm super weird, but to explain it more simple, I might be a bit more harsh on "how touristic a place can be and still be nice to go to". This of course depends on the location, some places are just a Must to visit no matter how touristic, but some places I might change to somewhere else if the whole destinations purpose is taken away due to too many tourists. Don't get me wrong though, some places, take New York for example, is suppose to be busy, and other tourists can even make it more fun. But a lot of authenticity disappears when smaller places gets "tourist-invaded", which takes away the purpose of traveling in my opinion.

So to sum up I just wanted to say that the blog will mainly be about travel and travel-related things, with an extra focus on the photography as that's a big part of it for me.

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