Apart from the art shop, By Vester is also offering services within photography. Below is a description of each service. If you still have questions or want to know more feel free to send an email.

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1. Interior, business, magazine or real estate photography (worldwide)

Great pictures are always important. It’s the first thing people see when they look at an ad, website, magazine or anything they have an interest in. I offer different photo types for your business or for private use. Maybe you are about to sell an apartment/house/office, or need to update the pictures of your boutique, hotel or restaurant. My goal is to create a welcoming feeling, that tell people ”I need to see this” or ”I need to have this”.
Price: please get in contact.

2. Social media shoot
(only in GREATER Stockholm AREA)

To make it in the social media jungle you need to be present, be seen and be out there. A lot. If your goal is to gain followers you need to attract them, and quality pictures are number one. Maybe you look at others pictures and thinking ”how do they do that? How do they get that perfect set up? Or that light?” and you want that yourself but just don’t know how. In that case I’m here to help. When you book a Social Media Shoot, I will meet you at your home/work/other, depending on what things you would like to have photographed.
We spend a couple of hours taking a variety of photos for your social media channels, and I’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to take nice photos and how to style them. Afterwards I will send you both the original photo files and also processed ones that I will make just for you so that they match the look of your current or desired identity and social feed.
Price: 2000 SEK excl. VAT

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